5 Ways to dress the tee!

If you’re anything like us and are looking for edgier ways to dress your child without going OTT on the budget and without compromising on comfort, then the little fashionistas and their trendy parents from Pinterest will show you just how to skate through the fashion dilemmas with ease.

There’s always a bunch of great new ideas to pick from and it’s slowly becoming our go-to site for baby ensembles. We’ve narrowed down our top 5 favorites based on comfort, style, and availability to keep your baby happy.

So grab your pencils and take note of the awesomeness we’re going to dish out:

Wolfie and Teddie


Playtime Fresh

Babies in printed pyjamas are about the cutest things EVER. As an added bonus they’re super comfy and have great mobility not to mention the style is gender neutral. Getting them in a slightly bigger size is also a plus and allows them to grow into it. We love how this parent styled this little leg-shaker and we think this look would go great with a W&T tee or onesie!

Wolfie and Teddie

Baby Jumpsuits

This one’s a classic when it comes to baby wear. It’s hassle-free to wear and makes them the happiest little toddlers. Worn with a suit or a tee, it can be styled with a cute headband or cowboy hat for a summery day out.

Wolfie and Teddie



Retro French

Kids in themed outfits are adorable. Take this Parisian inspired parent who put this look together. Monochrome is always a win when it comes to ensembles and we’re loving the flared striped skirt.

Wolfie and Teddie


Little Hipster

We cannot help but aww at his not-so-grownup ensemble. Children in hipster outfits are just about the best thing to happen to the fashion industry (in our humble opinion). This Pinterest Parent knocked this one out of the park!

Wolfie and Teddie


Baby’s Day Out

For those days when you just don’t have the creative streak, there’s always the basics and the same principle applies to babies. Go with what’s comfortable and durable. This outfit is just that. Team your W&T tee or suit with a pair of folded jeans and sporty shoes (add a hat for added cuteness).

The Unicorn Tee

The Unicorn Tee

The Unicorn Baby Suit

The Unicorn Baby Suit

The Magnifique Baby Suit

The Magnifique Baby Suit




Baby’s Got Back

We CANNOT get over how cute these babies look in W&T onesies and tees! Their chubby legs and their baby bottoms are so squishable we almost can’t handle it.

In addition to it being so totally adorable, they are also uber trendy and safe for everyday wear. Bamboo cotton is a saving grace when it comes to the comfort of our children with its cashmere-like softness and toxic-free fabric bonuses.

These babies sure know how to work the quirk and we’re dishing out our personal Wolfie and Teddie favorites!

As an added bonus, we’re showing you how to style them for the season to keep your baby warm and snuggly.

Kids Fashion Store

Baby Jammies

Pyjama bottoms have become the more welcome alternative to trousers and denims. Not to mention they’re easier to slip on and STAY on. Team a W&T tee with a funky printed jammie and you have yourself a happy baby.

Beanie Caps

Kids in adult clothing is just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen and beanies are one of them. Now combine that with a tee from our collection and baby-sized jeans for some heart melting memories.


Snoods, just like beanies, are a trendy way to keep your child warm and on-trend. Although babies don’t care much for the next big thing in style, it gives the adults something positively adorable to aww at.


This one’s more of a necessity than a fashion statement but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it one. Layer that tee or onesie from our collection with a cool printed cardigan and they’re good to go!

Baby Boots & Booties

We LOVE kids in bite-sized boots because unlike other footwear, boots are harder to take off. Team a tee with a rad pair of jeans/jammies/ or a skirt and some boots for a snug day out on a chilly evening.

The Ahoy Baby Suit

baby suits

The Hipster Tee

The Hipster Tee

The I’m Shutting It Down Baby Suit

The I’m Shutting It Down Baby Suit

The Magnifique Tee

The Magnifique Tee

Celebrity Babies we’d love to see in W&T!

With a boom of celebrity babies this year, we thought, ‘How ADORABLE would they look in Wolfie & Teddie!’ We then proceeded to coo and aww at baby pictures for the remainder of the day. Who doesn’t love chubby legs, round bellies, tiny feet, and gummy cheeks? WE DO! We also went back a couple of years to the celebrity babies who broke the internet before they even knew what it meant. These kids have taken social networking by storm and have been putting their fashionably best foot forward since day 1.

Here are a few, we think, who could totally join the W&T baby crew:

Heirs to the throne, Prince George and Princess Charlotte would look SO royal-chic in our Limited Edition, Gold Foil tees! Don’t you think? (also, don’t you want to pinch their cheeks?)

celebrity babies

Ever since power duo, Kim K and Kanye West, had little fashionista North West, paparazzi everywhere went into a frenzy trying to capture this little darling in her couture outfits. Can you picture her in a Wolfie & Teddie tee with her black tutu? LOVE!

celebrity's babies fashion

The world welcomed Silas Randall Timberlake, baby boy of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. With that cheeky smile of his, we totally saw him in our Cheeky onesie! The ladies are going to swoon endlessly over this one.

wolfie and teddie celebrity babies fashion

Well we all know little Harper Beckham’s going to grow up to be a heart breaker. Daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, she looks almost ethereal sitting on her daddy’s lap and we think she would be just the prettiest little jewel in a W&T tee.

trendy celebrity babies fashion

If there ever was a child who was made for the beach, it would be Maxwell Drew Johnson. As photogenic as her celebrity momma Jessica Simpson, this cutie would totally rock The Playful tee by W&T.

baby fashion

And finally,

Who could forget Queen Bee’s princess Bee, Blue Ivy Carter! With those piercing eyes and that fab afro, we think she’s going to go far. She would look SO baby fly in The I’m Shutting It Down Tee!

celebrity babies

The I’m Shutting It Down Tee

baby tees


the babie tees

The Ahoy Baby Suit

baby suits


Little Wolfie Says – Babies Can Trend Too!

Wolfie and Teddie’s Children Wear

children wear

Hey there! Wolfie is here to show all you T’s and B’s (Toddlers and Babies) a thing or two about styling in the sandbox. His mummie LOVES to dress him up in edgy kids wear and he loves it too! Not only is he super comfortable, he is also always ready to party it up at the bouncy castle.
Look at him, in his stylish ensemble! He makes you go gaga for his swagger and why not? He is a trendy toddler who knows how to work the onesie and still be playground ready to dive into some dirt. Babies everywhere ask him how he stays so fashionably snug all the time and this is what he tells them.

To stay in style all day long you need to have these 5 things:

Cool Dude Caps and Hair Accessories

Dress up in whatever you like but don’t forget your fly headgear. Babies look adorable in almost any style but boy oh boy do the mummies love them in adult miniatures like beanie hats and statement headbands. Babies enjoy the extra cosiness too and they’ll show you with many sloppy kisses!

Poofy Tutus and Funky Jammies

You know what looks really good with that Baby suit or Tee you got from Wolfie & Teddie? A poofy tutu or a pair of really rad printed jammies. We love how it highlights their best assets (their tummies and their chubby legs) and it’s perfect for running around in while parents try to catch ‘em!

Snuggly Woolly Knits

Brrrrr is it winter already? Time to bring out those soft woolly sweaters, scarves, and booties! They look great in them, by the way. Layer that Wolfie & Teddie tee with a patterned sweater and an infinity scarf and voila! They’re runway ready!

Baby Suspenders (Pant Fastener)

All that running around at the park can lead to a major wardrobe malfunction. Pants could sag, or worse! There is only one solution. Get out the baby bite sized suspenders and they’re ready to rumble. In addition to keeping their pants up all day, it also looks really cool and complements their shapely silhouette.

Totally Rad Printed Socks

Kids these days are total trend setters but there are days when they just like to show off their creative side. Days like that call for funky printed socks to go with their unique personality and it makes their eyes sparkle (with mischief). Team their favourite Wolfie & Teddie tee with a pair of stretchy bottoms, roll up the pant leg and showcase their bright striped socks! Nothing makes the ladies heart melt quite like their individuality *wink wink*

Follow these few genius tips to be the coolest kid in the ball pit! Keep in mind, functionality over fashion because they do love to get messy, don’t they?

Bamboo Cotton – A Baby’s boon!

We all want what’s best for our kids, but also want to be the world’s coolest parents. We want them to be comfortable, but we also want to dress them up in trendy outfits. We want the fabric we dress them up in to be environmentally safe, but we also want to get them stacks of uber cute clothes. We want them to be clean, but we also want to spoil them with yummy albeit messy grub. What if there was a way to have it all without the compromise? What if you could be both the doting parent and the responsible role model for your child? Well who says you can’t?

The Babie Black Tee Gold Foil


Bamboo cotton is the answer and it is a saving grace for mummies everywhere who worry about low grade fabric causing their child any discomfort. It is the organic food of fabric so to speak and comes packed with all kinds of benefits for your little one. WIN! As parents we’re always looking for the next big thing in child care that takes chunks of stress away from parenthood. Then when bamboo cotton was introduced into the fashion industry as a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to regular cotton, it was quickly snagged up by the makers of children’s wear and they haven’t looked back since.

The Ahoy Tee


Bamboo Cotton

Here at Wolfie and Teddie we take pride in being able to say that every item of clothing sold is made from PURE Bamboo cotton which means your baby gets all the advantages that come with it! What’s more is that we design each one to suit the personality of each individual child so there’s something for everyone. Our styles are gender neutral so they make perfect gifts and are absolutely adorable!

The Magnifique Tee

The Magnifique kids tee

But what is Bamboo Cotton?

It is fabric made from bamboo that is soft and luxurious. It has unique properties and is completely organic, making it safe for your little one and yourself to wear without the fear of exposure to harmful toxics.

Why Bamboo Cotton?

  • It is water absorbent and keeps moisture away from your skin.
  • It is Antibacterial, keeping it odour free for days.
  • It is Super Soft (we don’t need to tell you why that’s a plus)
  • It has natural UV protection.
  • It is Eco-friendly and Biodegradable.

So the question we now ask is, Why NOT Bamboo Cotton?


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